We’re Ending Orphan Poverty in Africa

We equip orphans and care givers with entrepreneurial based vocational training, tools & support so they can become self-sufficient.

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Through our international network of volunteers, we are ending orphan poverty by helping orphans move from aid dependent to creating economic prosperity for themselves and their immediate community.

Help orphans find their feet by donating in cash or kind.

Core values


At TOES, we connect with each orphan’s journey through empathy, understanding their needs and challenges, and advocating on their behalf. This compassion drives our commitment to act and make a difference.


We are dedicated to providing orphans with the opportunities needed to unlock their potential. Our programs in education, vocational training, and health care equip them with the tools to succeed and lead fulfilling lives.


Equality underpins everything we do at TOES. We ensure all orphans have equal access to resources and opportunities, fostering an environment where every child, regardless of background, can thrive and be recognized.

How you can help



Support our dream to create economic opportunities for orphans and help them find their feet.

You can donate in cash or kind. You can also specify the city you want your donation to go to. Donations from kind-hearted people like you have helped thousands of orphan’s access vocational tools, clothes, books, food & medical supplies. Be the sunshine in someone’s life today.

Donate to the cause


Wherever you are in your career, TOES offers a unique and highly engaging way to give back to your community.

As long as you want to make a difference in your community and can give a few hours each week, we have a place for you. Volunteering with TOES gives you an exciting opportunity to acquire volunteering experience that sets you apart whether in the boardroom or the classroom while affecting lives on a massive scale by helping orphans across the globe access better quality of life.

Become a volunteer


Join forces with the Orphan Empowerment Society (TOES) to make a profound impact on the lives of orphans across Africa.

We invite organizations and high net-worth individuals to partner with us in providing essential skills, care, and opportunities to vulnerable children. Your strategic support through financial contributions, in-kind donations, or collaborative projects will be pivotal in our mission to eradicate orphan poverty. Let’s unite to empower a brighter future for these children. Reach out today to explore impactful partnership opportunities.

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We’re Ending Orphan Poverty in Africa
We’re Ending Orphan Poverty in Africa
We’re Ending Orphan Poverty in Africa

The TOES Effect

We bring world class faculty to share real life experience with relatable class content & play based learning.

With TOES, Orphans & care givers gain the fluency, skills, and confidence to succeed.

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We’re making an impact

We bring world class faculty to share real life experience with relatable class content & play based learning.

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